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Journals allow exceptions from the requirement to publish data openly if this is not possible for ethical or legal reasons such as protecting the integrity of research subjects. If the data contain personal and/or sensitive information you can deposit them in the SLU e-archive with restricted access and publish a description of the dataset in the Swedish National Data Service research data catalogue, including documentation, contact information and a link to the archive. This way you can still provide the journal with a persistent link and include information in the paper's data availability statement about why data are not open and where/how to request them. If data are requested, a secrecy examination will determine if the data can be handed out or not. Requests will be handled by the archive.

It may be possible to publish data material containing personal information openly depending on, for instance, what information has been given to the registered participants when they agreed to enter the study. To discuss this, a contact with both DMS and legal expertise on data protection is recommended (