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The main route for publishing research data is to use a data repository.

DMS generally recommends the Swedish National Data Service (SND) and we can help you prepare data for publishing. Read more on our page

We can also help you identify other suitable data repositories and assist you in preparing data for publication elsewhere. It may be that there are specific data repositories that are established within your research community. Are you aware of any such repository that is used in your field and by your colleagues? Re3data offers a searchable list of both generic and discipline-specific repositories.

Are you going to associate the research data with a journal publication? Some journals have recommendations or requirements regarding what repository to use. Many publishers provide general guidance to repositories relevant in the subject area of their journals, for example:

Please note:
Regardless of where you publish SLU data, they must also be archived at SLU. Contact DMS or the person responsible for archiving and registration routines at your department for help (the head of department will know who this is).