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Zotero is an open source reference management software. It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux, and the browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. You can use it with different word processors like Word, LibreOffice and Google Docs.

Step 1: Download the Zotero software + the Zotero connector
Close all word processing software during the download. 
Zotero connector makes it possible to download references to Zotero with a plug-in to your browser.

Step 2: Create a Zotero account and log into your account

Your reference library will then be saved in the Zotero cloud. 
Create your account here:
Then log in to your account in Zotero: 

  • Open Zotero
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Sync
  • Fill in your username and password 
  • Click Set up syncing - Done!

Step 3: Download the SLU Harvard style sheet

Option 1:

  • Open Zotero
  • Go to Edit - Preferences - Cite - Styles - Get additional styles
  • Search for Acta universitatis agriculturae Sueciae and click on it, it is then automatically downloaded to Zotero.  

Option 2:

  • Go to 
  • Search for Acta universitatis agriculturae Sueciae and click on it, it is then automatically downloaded to Zotero.  
When you use Zotero in a new Word document you will be promted to choose a style - choose the SLU style sheet Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae to follow our recommendation for Harvard references.

Step 4: Make sure you have the Zotero plug-in in Word

If you cannot see the Zotero plug-in in Word: 
  • Open Zotero
  • Go to Edit - Preferences - Cite - Word processors - Install Microsoft Word Add-in. 
  • Shut down both Zotero and Word. 
  • Open Zotero and Word again - the Word plug-in should now be visible! Sometimes you also have to click on "enable macros" when you open the Word document in order to see the plug-in.

Step 5: Save a reference in Zotero

  • Download a reference from the web by clicking on the Zotero symbol in your browser. The symbol looks differently depending on the type of data on the web page, it can for example be a folder or a document symbol or a Z. When you hoover over the symbol in the panel of your browser you will se the text Save to Zotero. The Zotero program has to be running on your device in order to download.
  • Check that the metadata that has been inserted to your Zotero library is correct. Sometimes you need to edit or remove/add data. Go to the reference in your Zotero library and click on the fields you want to change and make the edits there.

Step 6: Add references and a bibliography to your document using Zotero.

  • Open Zotero
  • Open a Word document.
  • Go to the tab Zotero in your Word document and choose add citation to insert a reference in the text.
  • Choose add bibliography in order to create a reference list out of the references in your text. The bibliography will be placed where your cursor is.  
  • Go to Document preferences to change reference style.

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