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Printed materials

SLU has an agreement with the organization Bonus Copyright Access (previously Bonus Presskopia) which allows teachers to use copyright protected texts, images and musical notations for educational purposes.

There are some limitations: you are normally not permitted to make reproductions from publisher-produced compulsory course literature. You may use copyright protected images in a powerpoint presentation that is intended only for your own students and not published.

This is the 15/15-rule, that the library often gets questions about:

"The 15/15 rule: You are allowed to copy and share 15 %, but not more than 15 pages, from one and the same analogue original, for example a book, per student per calendar half-year. You are allowed to copy material corresponding to 15 A4 pages from one and the same digital publication per student per calendar half-year."

Read about all rules and restrictions in the Guide to Reproduction at Higher Education Institutions

Showing copyright protected films in the classroom

All film is generally copyright protected and you may not screen it publically without permission. A classroom setting is considered to be public.

SLU has an agreement with UR (Utbildningsradion) Access which means that all their content is available to us and OK to use in the classroom. You can reach their films at Log in with your SLU credentials for full access. Most of the content is also available at where no login is needed.

You are not allowed to show Netflix movies, or films from any other streaming service in the classroom. When you create an account you have signed an agreement to only use it privately.

You may show Youtube films if they have a CC license that allows public use. However, it is permitted to embed Youtube films in Canvas, even if they don’t have CC licenses. Source: Legala handboken [2020-12-11]

Recommendation: if you want your students to watch a film, ask them to do it independently, using their own accounts. Then neither you nor they are breaking any rules.