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Problem Solving Method 1

[Follow the different steps on the pictures enclosed, as well]

Double-click on the header or on the footnote zone, on the first page where the number is incorrect. [002]

This action will activate the tab called "Header & Footer Tools" (under "Design"). [001]

Disable "Different First Page". [001]

Warning! This action can (also) totally destroy your first page's layout!!

If this doesn't seem to work (but doesn't destroy anything), keep it disabled and follow the...

Problem Solving Method 2

Right-click on the first number that is wrong to open the menu. [002] [003]

Click on "Format Page Numbers..." [003]

Choose "Continue from previous section". [004]

And that should fix it!!


If there are many wrong sequences of page numbers in the document

Reproduce those 2 methods, in that precise order, for every (first) number of each sequence that is wrong in the document and it should automatically fix the whole sequence.