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There is one bundle for doctoral theses and one for licentiate theses. They contain almost the same files.

  • SLU_Acta/Licentiate_Thesis you should use for the thesis text (mandatory).
  • Short course, problem solving and useful tips is the name of the heft containing information and help. It is available in a Swedish and an English version for both Windows- and Mac users.
  • SLU_Acta_Backcover (doctoral theses only) is used for the text of the back of the cover (information is found in the file).
  • SLU_Acta/Licentiate_Errata is a template for the errata sheet, if any.
  • SLU_Acta/Licentiate_Spikblad is used for the announcement of dissertation (mandatory).
  • SLU_Postprint_Article you can use for manuscripts for unpublished articles (optional).
  • as well as to articles you want to depose in Epsilon, if you may not use the publishers pdf (optional).

Do you use EndNote for your references? Get the SLU styles here.