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Since Open Access publishers normally charge a publishing fee to cover costs, instead of relying on subscription fees from readers, SLU:s agreements give some discount on the fees.

Springer Compact

SLU has joined an agreement between Springer Nature and the Swedish National Library. This deal allows SLU researchers to publish open access in the majority of Springer Natures subscription based journals completely free of charge, see list of journals and information. The deal is subsidized by the Swedish National Library and the Swedish Research council.

In order to have costs covered by this deal the corresponding author has to be employed by SLU, the authors affiliation with SLU has to be stated in the paper. Springer Nature uses three parameters to decide whether the corresponding author is affiliated with SLU: e-mail domain, IP address and stated affiliation. Every submission is reviewed by the library to ensure that only eligible authors' fees are covered.

Springer Compact is a pilot project covering the period of 2016-2018.

BioMed Central (BMC), including SpringerOpen and Chemistry Central

BioMed Central publishes more than 250 peer reviewed open access journals in biology, biochemistry, veterinary medicine, physiology and other fields. A lot of them are listed in Web of Science / Journal Citation Report and several have high impact factors.

SLU has made an agreement with BMC which grants a 15 % discount on publishing fees for SLU scholars. Read more on the BMC SLU page.  The BioMed Central agreement is also valid for SpringerOpen and Chemistry central.

Please note: To get the discount you need to submit your article from an SLU IP address!

National agreement discounts

Via deals negotiated by the Royal Library, researchers at SLU also get discounts on open access article processing charges with: 

ISPG (Independent Scholarly Publishers Group), 10 % discount, and

ACS – American Chemical Society (author choice), up to 25 % discount.