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When you insert references in a Word document, the first reference gets the same style as the very last paragraph in the document. The following references get the same style as the first reference. In this case the last paragraph in your document happened to be a heading, formatted with an automatic page break. You need to change styles to the correct one.

When using the SLU University Library style sheets, the last (empty) paragraph should be formatted with the style Referenslista/References before you insert the first reference. Then the references follow after each other without any page break.

To solve the existing problem you can use this method. Do it preferably in a copy of the file, since the method is not tested on a large scale.

  1. Delete the heading References and the bibliography.
  2. Make sure the last paragraphs use the style Referenslista/References.
  3. Click the Update citations and bibliography button, on the EndNote X7 tab.
  4. Insert a new heading References.