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If you import references from a reference database, EndNote will give all references the type Journal Article. You need to change to the correct reference type yourself.

Some times data on the imported reference is lacking. Preferably you then complete the reference item manually in EndNote. If you like to correct it by editing the Word document, do that after all references are inserted (otherwise EndNote chages back to the original format).

In the EndNote item there are sometimes several fields with similar names. A reference will show in the reference list if the data occurs in the field that is used in the style. You can see what fields are used in the style for each reference type and then type in the data in the correct field. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the menu command Edit > Output Styles > Edit "SLU_Thesis_Endnote_en_v8".
  2. Expand the group Bibliography, by clicking the plus/triangle.
  3. Click Template to see the field names.