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Styles and formats for citing data vary in the same way article citation styles and formats vary. At SLU, referencing is done according to the SLU Harvard style. According to this, a standard data citation/reference is written as follows:

Last name, first name initial. (Year). Title of dataset. Data repository. Version nr. Persistent link

Bommarco, R. (2021). Bumble bees and honey bee abundances collected in agricultural landscapes with and without flower strips and honey bee hives. Swedish National Data Service. Version 1.

If you have deposited data with restricted access in the SLU archive, a citation may look like this:
Magnusson, U., Mainack D., Nohrborg, S. (2022). Geographic and socioeconomic influence on knowledge and practices related to antimicrobial resistance among smallholder pig farmers in Uganda. SLU e-archive. Version 1