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You are responsible for returning your loans on time. The library sends recall notices in order to make it easy for you to remember to return your loans.

When you receive a second recall notice you are suspended from further loans. This suspension is removed if you renew or return the book. It is not possible to renew a book if a third and final recall notice has been issued.

Delay charges apply to 1 day loans (reference books that must be returned by 10 am the following day or the first next working day). The delay charge is SEK 20 per hour and book.

As long as you have unpaid delay charges amounting to SEK 100 or more you are suspended from further loans.

If the material is not returned in spite of subsequent reminders, a bill will be issued. The charge covers the replacement cost, and the minimum charge is SEK 300. In addition to this an administrative fee of SEK 500 per item is issued. Unpaid bills are forwarded to debt collecting.

Read more about our lending rules and loan periods in the link below.

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