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The nation wide agreement with Elsevier has been cancelled from June 30 2018. You can read more about the circumstances at the Open website, see link below.

SLU, like other Swedish universities, will not be able to access articles published in Elsevier journals with a publication date from July 1 2018 and onwards.

The Library has implemented a service, Get it now, that will deliver recent Elsevier articles directly to staff and students at point of need. You can always reach this service through the Elsevier website and through many other databases. See link below for Elsevier's website (Science Direct). If the article is not available for download, you should see a link: "Get it @SLU Library" at the bottom of the article page. Click the link and click through to the request form. There you submit your SLU email address ( or The article will be delivered to your inbox within 8 hours (normal delivery time is 2 hours).

At the time of writing the service works for the hundred most used Elsevier journals and the library is working on making it work for all articles published after July 1. If you come across an article that you cannot access this way, then please contact the library for help.


If you see the below view you are in the right place. Click the link to get to the request form.


This is what you are looking for at the article page on

IN Web of Science the link is a blue button with the text Get fulltext next to the SLU logo:


In PubMed you will find the link in the upper right corner with the text Get it @slu library:

In Scopus you use the link View at Publisher, from the search results page or the article page, to get to the Elsevier web page:

In Google Scholar you can simply click on the article title to get to the Elsevier web page.

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